Bridging the gender divides by teaching #AfghanGirlsCode image

Bridging the gender divides by teaching #AfghanGirlsCode

Change a life and the world like you did for Arezo!

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"Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure" - Rumi

And, you are providing this hope.

“The first ever salary I received through my coding skills was an unforgettable feeling. I was jumping around and wanted to fly. I am so happy that I can make money by myself and I am so grateful to CTI of helping to make this happen.”

- Arezo Akrami, Web Developer

Donors like you have made these unforgettable feelings possible. You are the hope for treasure in the shattered lives of women in Afghanistan. But, women like Arezo couldn't fly without you.

Your gifts invest in education that continues to train even more young women like Arezo, preparing them for certification exams and connecting them to meaningful employment after they graduate. By doing this, you are helping Arezo support her family and contribute to a bright future.

Let us introduce you to Arezo!