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Change the Lives of 100 Women

Code to Inspire is the first coding school that teaches women in Afghanistan how to code, find jobs in tech, and launch their own businesses.

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Together, we can empower a generation of women to thrive.

Founded in 2015 in the city of Herat, Afghanistan, Code to Inspire provides women in Afghanistan with free classes and mentors that teach them how to code, find jobs in tech, and launch their own businesses. Our mission is to give women the education, opportunities, and safe learning spaces they need to advance their personal and professional success.

How the Pandemic Impacted Us

Like so many around the world, Covid-19 has made 2020 a year of challenges and changes for Code to Inspire.

For the safety of our students and to conserve capital, we've temporarily closed our physical classrooms in Herat and moved our classes online. While lack of laptops and home Internet access for our newly remote students was initially our greatest challenge, we're grateful for our community of CTI supporters whose compassion and donations have helped us overcome obstacles like these.

But our operating finances have now reached a critical point, and our school and students need your help to continue into 2021.

We're hoping you'll take this opportunity to join our donor community, and help CTI continue on our mission to empower the women of Afghanistan through education.

How You Can Help Our Students

Like many non-profits this year, Code to Inspire has found it difficult to sustain the level of donations we need to continue our operations.

Covid has caused economic devastation all over the world, especially in conflict zones like Afghanistan where resources and finances are already stretched thin. Without financial support from our local and government sources in Afghanistan, we're now entirely dependent on our donor network to keep our school running.

To avoid reducing our staff and the number of students we can serve in 2021, our immediate bridge goal for this campaign and your generous donations is $30,000. This will allow us to continue operations for Q1 of 2021, as we work to raise more funds for the rest of the year.

The much needed resources and necessities your financial support allows us to provide our students include:

  • Tuition and financial assistance for in-need students
  • Salaries for our teaching mentors
  • Student laptops for coding and design classwork
  • Monthly Internet for the school and our remote students
  • Rent for the school facilities
  • Electricity and other school utilities

Without the immediate support of donors like you, we may be unable to continue providing our programs and classes to the 100 women we teach each year.

Your Donations Make All the Difference

We've opened online applications for our Spring 2021 semester, and are committed to delivering education and opportunities to 100 more women in 2021.

But without your donations, we won't have the financial support we need to continue our operations next year.

We hope you'll consider donating today, to help us continue our mission to give women the education and opportunities they need to thrive.

Together, we can build an Afghanistan where gender, digital, economic, and wage divides no longer exist.

Thank you for your generosity and support.